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Serengeti Serengeti
Director:John Downer(Producer)
Producer:XIX Entertainment and John Downer Productions for BBC, Discovery Channel and BBC Studios Distribution
Country / Region:UK
Particular year:2019
Length of time:50min*6 episodes

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This series follows the interconnected stories of a cast of iconic savannah animals over one year. With unique access to a pristine and unspoilt corner of the Serengeti deep in the heart of Africa, it captures the drama of the animals’ daily lives and the emotional moments they face. Join the lonely lioness, exiled from the pride, the passionate baboon desperately trying to win back his lost love and the cheeky, fun-loving mongoose family on the lookout for a free lunch. Using groundbreaking filming techniques and an original music score, (Serengeti) brings the incredible real-life animal drama to the screen in intimate and breathtaking detail.
John Downer is a director and producer, known for(Polar Bears: Spy on the Ice) (2011), (Peter Gabriel: Digging in the Dirt) (1992) and (Lifesense: Our Lives Through Animal Eyes) (1991).