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Transit Transit
Director:Mariam El Marakeshy
Producer:Independent production
Country / Region:Turkey
Particular year:2019
Length of time:26min

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Transit is a groundbreaking documentary bringing powerful intimate stories of young refugees who risked their lives crossing the Aeagean sea to Europe, only to get trapped on the Greek island of Lesvos, with no future and closed borders. It was supposed only to be their "transit" stop but it is where they ended.
Mariam El Marakeshy is a multiple award-winning Filmmaker and Storyteller whose films report creatively on factual stories with a highly cinematic style and in-depth storytelling fiction narrative approach that is meant to investigate, inspire, and influence. She worked as a Film Director/ Producer/ Screen Writer/ TV & Digital Producer/ and Investigative Reporter for Documentaries, Short Films, and Programs productions; she worked for major international TV channels, Digital platforms, the United Nations, and Independently covering various themes like Global Migration and Refugees, Humanitarian issues, Investigative Journalism as well as Socio-Cultural, Travel, and Tourism.