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Still Flying... Still Flying...
Director:Miroslaw Dembinski
Producer:Miroslaw Dembinski /Film Studio Everest / Poland
Country / Region:Poland
Particular year:2018
Length of time:33min

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The film presents the Grandpa, 91 years old paraglider, who has no intention of giving up and who is fulfilling one dream after another.
Miroslaw Dembinski, since 1990 has directed almost 30 films, series, documentaries, received over 80 international film festivals prizes.Prominent films(My Little Everest) - surreal short on mountain climbing (13 prizes)(A Lesson of Belorusian) - a protest of young Belorusians against faked presidential election in March 2006 (17)(Music partisans) – about young rock music bands who are in opposition with Lukashenka’s regime (10)