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Salt for Life Salt for Life
Director:Zhang Xiaoying
Producer:CCTV Documentary Channel
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2019
Length of time:50min*6 episodes

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Salt was once the most desirable commodity of human being, as precious as money.Even if we turn back a page of the whole human civilization, we will find that salt has played an extremely important role.on human social life in addition to seasoning. Salt has created a colorful history of human life.in all corners of the world. For most of the time when people has been there,they have been searching for salt enthusiastically,trading salt and competing for salt.Our planet is a salt of planet. From the vivid symbol of each living person.and the recording of their life shots, we have represented how the tiny ordinary salt .shapes the magnificent world civilization. It focuses not on the sensory taste of salt,but on the moving story of salt and human being.
Zhang Xiaoying, Director. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy.Documentary work (surging river) won the best Chinese documentary award of Magnolia Shanghai International TV Festival. Annual works of the 18th China TV documentary. Documentary work (memory of China 2019) won the best popular work of the 25th China TV documentary