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The Eve of Tomorrow The Eve of Tomorrow
Director:Andrey Zhu / Joshua Veselka
Producer:Tencent News
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2019
Length of time:55min*4 episodes

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"The Eve of Tomorrow" is Tencent News’ latest innovation. From the perspective of world vision and fate of human beings , it discussed the problems that the entire human race will face in science and technology, society and humanity in the future, these topics is very rare to be discussed in China, or other regions among the world.The whole series consists of 4 episodes, focusing on 4 different themes: robot companionship, human immortality, border issues and the right to choose death. The topics are seemingly novel but have great universality and are related to the future of human beings.
Andrey Zhu, Tencent News the Rainsight studio team leader,produced (Shi San Yao),(Where I'm Coming From),(My era and I).