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200 Years of Surgery 200 Years of Surgery
Director:Zijun Chen / Min Ke / Lan Shi / Hua shen / Dong Chen / Wen Liu
Producer:Beijing Discovery Documentary Media Ltd
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2018
Length of time:50min*8 episodes

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The eight-episode television documentary (200 Years of Surgery), is the first documentary in China which sheds light on humankind’s resistance against diseases from the perspective of surgeons. It is striven to convey the historical development of science on humanitarian grounds. It has eight episodes with 50 minutes of each part which mainly concerns the following subjects, that is, the development of anatomy, anesthesia ,sterilization and hemostasis, the opening of abdomen, head and heart, transplant, cancer and the future of surgery,etc.It takes the crew three years to film these important medical museums, hospitals and medical institutions from Britain, America, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Turkey,India etc. Meanwhile more than fifty top experts have been interviewed to present the development and future prospect of surgery.
Zijun Chen (left), Chief directorMain achievements:2014Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival——New Excellent producer2014World Congress of Science & Factual Producers——New Excellent producerMajor Works:(Porcelain Story) (People and land)etc(Porcelain Story) Golden Panda International Documentary Award Gold medal of China Dragon AwardJianxin Chi (right), producerMain achievements:Producer of CCTV (Civilization of Password) (Entrepreneurial hero) (Explore mystery) and many famous TV programsWon more than 50 awards in the field of television and documentary