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Childhood Elsewhere Childhood Elsewhere
Director:Yijun ZHOU
Producer:Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. / askY studio
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2019
Length of time:50min*6 episodes

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Education is a focus of all strata of the world. As an international journalist and mother of two, Zhou Yijun feels the same stress. She visits Finland, Japan, India, Israel and the UK to observe diverse philosophies of education. How does Finland free of rivalry tell children on success and failure? How does India bridge the gulf between rich and poor children with online education? How does group-oriented Japan teach children about the individual-team balance? This film explores various educational modes through the eyes of children and parents and discusses in different cultural and historical contexts.
Yijun ZHOU (left), director, is the founder of askY studio. She is a distinguished war correspondent, an international writer, and a TV presenter. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Master’s degree in International Relations. She is fluent in Chinese, Arabic and English. Beginning her career as an international news journalist in 1998, Yijun ZHOU has since worked with a range of media from Bloomberg Businessweek, Modern Weekly, Phoenix Satellite Television to Xinhua News Agency. She has won numerous awards, mainly for her coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflicts, along with other international affairs.ZHANG Wei (right), ProducerDirector of the Youku Documentary Center of the Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group, has rich experience in international documentaries production and Internet operation and management and has won various renowned awards domestically and overseas. Works that were produced or supervised by him include One Strange Rock, Childhood Elsewhere, 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, etc.