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Legend of Fruit Legend of Fruit
Director:Su Lei
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2019
Length of time:30min*8 episodes

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  • Film creation
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In the first season of (Fruit Biography), the original team created the same delicious and juicy picture, the same delicate and vivid text, the same pregnant narrative, once again opened the gorgeous "Sexy Fruit Encyclopedia", opened a fresh and interesting visual and taste bud blockbuster. Fruit gives people not only the taste between the lips and teeth, but also the memory that lingers in the heart.
Zhu Lexian (left), Chief Producer of (Legend of Fruit2), director of Tencent film and television documentary studio In charge of external cooperation and original self production of Tencent video documentary, including joint production, commissioned production, copyright purchase, etc. Lead the team to produce home-made programs such as (flavor world) and (flavor origin), and lead the joint production programs with BBC, such as (Blue Planet 2) and (looking at the earth from space).Wang Yili (right), producer, graduated from the Department of mechanics and Engineering Science, Fudan University with a double degree in science and law. She has experience in many aspects of large-scale comprehensive projects, such as (survivor games), Mida film exhibition, etc. her responsibilities include artist brokerage, publicity and promotion, and project supervision. She is the chief producer of (China Entrepreneur), (Legend of fruits 2) and (six cuties).