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Power of Wetlands Power of Wetlands
Director:Peng Yingbin
Producer:Guangzhou Broadcast Network
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2019
Length of time:25min*4 episodes

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The film (Power of Wetlands) took three years to record the status of wetland ecology in the respiratory throat of the Pearl River and the Pacific Ocean, providing precious images of biological chains between more than 20 species, such as the world's rare migratory bird, Black-faced Spoonbill. The (Power of Wetlands) is the first naturaldocumentary film in Guangzhou and the milestone of natural documentary film in South China.This film is a cooperated product of Guangzhou Broadcast Network and Guangzhou's Nansha district.
Peng Yingbin (left)Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Bachelor of History / Management He has working experience in Anthropology, Management, Documentary, Fieldwork, New Media, Interactive Design, News, Advertising and other fields. Has been committed to the production of documentary images. For more than ten years, he has focused on the exploration, documentation and research of Lingnan culture. The main footprint is all over Guangdong, rooted in Guangzhou. Wang Ping (right)Production Manager / PhotographerHe has been engaged in the research on how the media play a role in the development of Lingnan culture for a long time, and has been committed to recording faithfully the inheritance of Lingnan culture in many fields.