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Beauty of China Beauty of China
Director:BAS / Yangxiaofei / Jinying / Dengfei
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2018
Length of time:42min

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(Beauty of China) invites 20 Chinese artists, including Lin Huaimin, Bai Xianyong, Xu Bing and Li Pingbin, to narrate the splendid story of Chinese traditional aesthetics in the contemporary world and show the Chinese people's uniqueness with the theme of shade, movement, sound and color, form and meaning, and with the carrier of architecture, painting, drama, dance, music and design. Special spiritual world and lifestyle.
Vikram Channa (left) , Co producer. In November 1995, he joined discovery Asia Television Network as a radio promotion producer, responsible for expanding the radio packaging business of discovery discovery channel in Asia Pacific region, including India. In addition, he also deals with the localization and customization of short program content throughout the region. Mr. Vikram has won numerous awards, including the prestigious promax international award, for his brand events and documentary films for discovery Asia.Gongwei (right), Co-producer,engaged in documentary work for more than 20 years, with rich experience and outstanding achievements. His works have won many awards at home and abroad, including the FIPA documentary Excellence Award in France, the ACFTU documentary Excellence Award, the rainbow award in China, the Golden Eagle Award, the American radio and television cultural achievement award, and the Shanghai TV Festival documentary award. Participated in the creation of documentaries such as (Huangpu River), (Expo China Pavilion), (Red race), etc. In 2007, he was named the fourth Shanghai TV artist of virtue and art. His major documentary projects as the chief producer include (survivor games) ( coastal China) ( banquet Planet) (one stranger rock), etc.