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The Third Coal Mine The Third Coal Mine
Director:Guo Dongsheng
Producer:Central Radio and Television Station Record Channel / Yangquan Radio Station
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2019
Length of time:82min

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Shanxi yangquan is the largest anthracite base in China,The third coal mine of Yangquan coal industry(group)co.,ltd used to be the largest coal mine in Asia. 100,000 miners produced 248 million tons of coal in 68 years. The film is Chinese coal industry’s microcosm, and it’s the story of the modern miners who are not afraid of hard work and their ordinary lives. The coal resources in The third coal mine will be depleted in 2017, It will close in 2019. More than 6000 miners will face the transfer to new posts.
Guo Dongsheng, director of documentary.Representative works: (Dachang), (The last foundry), (College entrance way of peasant boys), (Farm dream of Bai Fengming), (The temple fair), (Racing in year of monkey), (Country evening party),(Mountain road bend),which all were and will be broadcasted by the Documentary Channel of CCTV.And in the state administration of radio, film and television awards and support projects, peninsula documentary festival, Zhenjiang International Documentary Festival, guangzhou International Documentary Festival,sichuan golden panda documentary festival, China Academy Awards and other awards won many times.