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Where Is My Flight Home Where Is My Flight Home
Director:Wang Lei
Producer:Wanda Media Co. Ltd
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2019
Length of time:90min

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A drama director showing himself with music;A young couple preparing for their wedding;Young migrant workers in pursuit of love;A little girl of the sixth grade;The life for four groups of people living in Jinzhan Town in the northeast of Beijing;They embrace every new day with their positive attitude towards life and play a beautiful quartet about life.
Born in Shenyang. Graduated from photojournalism major of Dalian Medical University. Worked in Beijing Times in 2007 and 2010 as a journalist, and obtained several times of the Best 10 Journalists. Be appointed as a member of the International Judging Panel in the Nikon World Photography Competition. Graduated from the director advanced study course of Beijing Film Academy. Once obtained several types of awards, including Multimedia Short Film Award of WPP, Best Documentary Proposal of GZDOC 2017, etc.