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Daughter of Shanghai Daughter of Shanghai
Director:Michelle Chen Miao / Hilla Medalia
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2018
Length of time:90min

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Tsai Chin is one of the first Chinese actresses to make it in the West. Her career spans more than six decades and three continents. She was the first Chinese who played in both the West End and Broadway and was even a Bond Girl twice.Tsai is larger than life. With the help of her unique and dramatic storytelling we saw a “Shanghai’s Daughter”, from Shanghai to Hong Kong, London and Los Angles, from the Peking Opera family to the Western world, the biggest stages, the limelight and the stardust that covered her life. Her fall from grace after being in the highest of places and come back to the stage is a dramatic tale of resilience.
Chen Miao is a well-known film directors of China New Cinema. Her feature film (Son of the Stars) won the Best Upcoming Director’s Awards at China American Film Festival, won the Best Actress Award and the Best Humanity Awards at Beijing Youth Film Festival. (A Girl Thirteen) was entered into the 60th Cannes Film Festival for the Junior Competition and won Best Digital Film at the Beijing Youth Film Festival. She is a seasoned documentary filmmaker. Her documentaries (The Snake Boy), (Shanghai Dreams) have been critically acclaimed at various international film festivals and have been broadcasted by TV channels throughout China and Asia.