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Fly to the Moon Fly to the Moon
Director:Wang Lihuan
Producer:China Media Group
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2019
Length of time:30min*5 episodes

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(Flying to the moon) is an epic science documentary created by China Media Group with 4K Ultra-HD technology focusing on the groundbreaking achievements of scientific innovation of Chang 'e-4 lunar probe landing on the far side of the moon. These 30-minute x 5 episodes comprehensively review the history of human exploration of the moon; Vivid display of the space dream and heroic verve of Chinese nation, like the poem said " clasping the moon in the Ninth Heaven"; Record of the historic moment of the first soft landing on the far side of the moon; It shows the courage and wisdom of the Chinese nation that constantly challenge and improve themselves in science and technology. It has achieved the integration of advanced technology and concepts of new art. It is regarded as a rare science documentary masterpiece with an international perspective.
Wang Lihuan (left), director, he work for CCTV since 1994.He is a director and producer of CCTV-10.Yan Dong (right), is currently the deputy chief of Program Department of CCTV-10(Science & Education Channel). In his career of 31 years, he has created more than 30 major documentaries and feature programs.He won multiple governmental awards from SARFT and Starlight Awards.