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Once Upon a Bite Once Upon a Bite
Director:Chen Xiaoqing
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2018
Length of time:50min*8 episodes

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Documentary series Savouring China will lead you through a mouthwatering trip in China and around the world. The program explores unique Chinese food from a global perspective, and probes into the evolution of Chinese cuisine over a historical backdrop. Chinese people are world-famous food lovers, and food reflects characters and lifestyles of the people. With this exclusive map of Chinese food, you will hold the key to understanding China.
Chen Xiaoqing (left), famous director of documentary, food writer, masterpiece (A Bite of China), (Once upon a bite), (Song of the Forest)Lexian Zhu (right), Director of Tencent Penguin Pictures Documentary Studio, is in charge of content management and international cooperation over documentaries at Tencent.Lexian had been leader of Program Management Team at Documentary Channel, China Central Television, and acted as Producer of documentary series (A Bite of China I, II).