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Roll Red Roll Roll Red Roll
Director:Nancy Schwartzman
Producer:Sunset Park Pictures、Brass Mill Media
Country / Region:US
Particular year:2018
Length of time:81min

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At a party in small-town Steubenville, Ohio, a heinous crime took place: the assault of a teenage girl by members of the beloved high school football team. It was the disturbing social media evidence uncovered that provoked powerful questions about the collusion of teen bystanders, teachers, parents, and coaches to protect the assailants. By reconstructing the night of the crime, Roll Red Roll uncovers the engrained rape culture at the heart of the incident, acting as a cautionary tale about what can happen when teenage social media bullying runs rampant and adults look the other way. The film unflinchingly asks: “Why didn’t anyone stop it?”
Nancy Schwartzman is a documentary filmmaker who uses storytelling and technology to create safer communities for women and girls. Her debut feature film, (Roll Red Roll), premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and Hot Docs, and has screened at over 40 film festivals worldwide, garnering 7 best documentary awards. The film opened theatrically to uniformly positive reviews with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and is now streaming in 190 countries on Netflix. Nancy released a companion short film (Anonymous Comes To Town), co-produced with (Gucci’s Chime for Change) and the Tribeca Film Institute, which garnered over a million views on the Guardian.