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Why Not Dance 不如跳舞
Director:Lu Min
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2016
Length of time:50min
Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition
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The film records a story of an ordinary woman, Yang Le, ages 48, Tianjin people. Despite the hardships of life and Yang Le tried her best to change but remain the same, she has never given up optimism and courage in the face of misery, and she cherish only a small amount of happiness and luckiness. We must solve the problems with open-mindedness and tenacity in daily life. This is also a microcosm of how the ordinary Chinese people build and rebuild their own spiritual world in the transitional period.  Square dance is the only way to entertain Yang Le' among all the tough things and dilemma. We feel the beauty of her dance. This beauty tells us that small flowers can also be found in the humble dirt.

Director: Lu Min