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This Is Life 生门
Director:Chen Weijun
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2016
Length of time:106min
Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition
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Everyday, there are so many dramatic scenes in the department of gynecology in Zhongnan hospital. As a husband with 5,000 RMB, he needs 50,000 RMB to save his wife and twin baby girls to be born, while there is no available way for fundraising. What should he do next? As the head of department, Li Jiafu, when his patient Xia Jinju is lying on operating-table and losing 20,000ml blood and has cardiac arrest twice, what choice should he make? Can he keep her uterus and bring her back to life? Li Shuangshuang, whose baby has pre-diagnosed as in the condition of not well to be born, Doctor Li decides to do Cesarean section to save this baby.

Producer:Nianwen Dai