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Notes on Blindness 失明笔记
Director:Peter Middleton, James Spinney
Country / Region:England
Particular year:2016
Length of time:90min
Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition
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       In the summer of 1983, just days before the birth of his first son, writer and theologian John Hull went blind. In order to make sense of the upheaval in his life, he began keeping a diary on audio cassette. Upon their publication in 1990, Oliver Sacks described the workas 'the most extraordinary, precise, deep and beautiful account of blindness Ihave ever read. It is to my mind a masterpiece.' With exclusive access to theseoriginal recordings, NOTES ON BLINDNESS encompasses dreams, memory and imaginative life, excavating the interior world of blindness.

Alexey Bogdanov was born in1977 in the city of Novopolotsk in Belarus. In 2016, he graduated from the Moscow state Institute of culture majoring in "Directing film and television".