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Speed Kills 极速猎杀
Director: Richard Slater-Jones, Julie King
Country / Region:China| USA| Africa
Particular year:2014
Length of time:50 min* 3 sets
Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition
  • A brief introduction to the film
  • Film creation
  • Video
  • Contact mode
The big events in nature often happen in the form of lightning strikes and we can not keep up with their beats simply by the naked eye. This series will use high-speed camera technology, approached those who kill prey with the fastest speed or those flee from the predator's hunt as well as revealing the animal living only by fast speeds. Sharks with their mouth waiting at any second, viper snakes that instantly attack, and cricket that jump beyond notice -- all their movements happen like lightning. However, when these lightning moves are slowed down to 10 or 15 seconds, then what will the happen? How do these quiet animals make fastest moves? What physiological mechanism hidden in the body s? How are these physiological mechanisms triggered at the moment of action? The film will take you into the artificial gray time zone - the moment which the human eye can not catch will be able to reproduce by digital kingdom. With advanced computer display of images, we will see the physical structure of animals, which is the necessary physiological conditions to ensure the speed of the explosion.

Director(s): Richard Slater-Jones, Julie King