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Gangkar 贡嘎
Director:Cheng Leping
Country / Region:China
Particular year:2017
Length of time:52 min* 3 sets
Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition
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Located at China’s west hinterland, Minya Konka governs an unique highland, where mountains stretch north and south, deep river valleys crack across and Hengduan Mountains connect East and West. Unique geographical conditions create and keep the profound and distinct culture of Minya Konka. Splendid glaciers against red stones, grand watchtower group, religious Maryni stone valley and resounding old LiuLiu tune, you can find all these while walking along the ancient tea-horse road, and Minya Konka are always the eternal belief of the road. Minya Konka, an unique heaven, a magical world, a brand new documentary.

Director(s): Cheng Leping