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Forum: When Documentary Meets Satellite Television Channel

Since SARFT proposed the “9:20 Time”, documentary has played anactive role in different major TV channels. What is the market share and valueof documentaries on TV channels? What are the core elements of TV channels’requirements for documentary films? How do TV channels work with documentaryproducers? How do TV channels achieve their layout strategic of documentary? Andhow should documentary producers cooperate with TV channels to achieve awin-win situation?

Guangdong Satellite TV – Dreaming on theRoad, large scale of classic inspirational characters documentary program

Beijing TV – Files, lasting for 7 years,aiming to create an actual documentary columns for TV

Oriental Satellite TV – Craftsman inShanghai, Survivor Games, classic works of documentary modes

Jiangsu Satellite TV – The Tale of ChineseMedicine creates a peak-time miracle of TV

Hunan Satellite TV – My Documentary,excellent documentary of TV channel

Zhejiang Satellite TV – the Southern SongDynasty tells an unknown Southern Song Dynasty to the world