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GZDOC 2017 DocShop Rules& Regulations

The Rules specified here under apply to all films applying for Doc shop of Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival (“GZDOC”). Doc shop provides a platform for domestic and foreign documentary films and supports documentary industry and cooperation.

Article 1.  Application Conditions

1.     Only finished documentary films are acceptable. Those in the investigation, shooting or post production phases will be refused.

2.     Entries are free from theme restrictions. 

3.     There will be no ceiling for the number of entries.

4.     No limit in production time.

5.     Documentary films can apply for competition, screening and DOC Shop at the same time.

6.     Entry application is free from registration fee.

7.     No entry shall be found with pornography, violence and/or racial discrimination elements; nor shall they conflict with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.

Article 2.  Running Time and Subtitles

1.      Running time:

Short: no longer than 30 minutes (including Opening Credits);

Feature: longer than 30 minutes (including Opening Credits);

Series: in three episodes (sets) or more that are inter-related.

2.      Subtitle

For films that ONLY contain MANDARIN dialogues, subtitle is not required (provision of subtitle in English is subject to further notice);

For films that contain dialogues in minority languages or dialects, the complete Chinese subtitle shall be embedded (provision of subtitle in English is subject to further notice)

For films that contain NON-MANDARIN dialogues (including English), the complete English subtitle shall be embedded.


Article 3.  Application Process

All applicants shall go through the following steps:

1. Fully complete the online Entry Form and select competition, screening or Doc shop.

2.Uploading the following materials:

   (1) Film stills: in JPG format (pixel no less than 300 dpi; no less than 1Mb);

   (2) Subtitle script or subtitle file (For films that contain non-Mandarin dialogues).

 Requirements for subtitle script: word or txt format.

Requirements for subtitle file: SRT or ASS format.

3. Sending the following materials through mail:

   (1) Film in MP4 / MOV format, in DVD or USB; HD (720p or 1080p) version is preferred;

   (2) Trailer (less than 3 minutes) in MP4 / MOV format, in DVD or USB; HD (720p or 1080p)version is preferred;

Tipsif you want to send trailer and film online,please send download link and password to, along with film title, information of applicant or application institution, and contacts(please ensure that the information you send to us is the same as your registration information). Films may not be downloaded timely or successfully by the GZDOC Organizing Committee (the “OC”). Application is successful upon receiving a notification e-mail from the OC.

4. The application is successful upon receiving a notification e-mail from the OC,otherwise, the application process is not finished due to incomplete submission materials, film arrival failure or download failure.

5. Waiting for further notice from the OC.

6. The OC may contact the applicant for additional materials as necessary.

7.Please be noted that application with insufficient materials is null.

8.Online application system will be open for a long time, but the OC will have to choose qualified films.

Article 4.  Material Delivery

1. All application materials required (film, trailer) shall be sent to the address shown below before deadline:

Room 1701, China Everbright Bank Building,Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Contacts:Ding Zhizhao

Zip Code: 510630

2. If by means of international delivery, please ensure that the parcel is marked “For Cultural Purpose Only” and “No Commercial Value”.

3. The applicant must ensure that all deliveries are prepaid and customs levies settled, otherwise the OC has the right to rejection. Personal delivery is acceptable (please contact the General Office in prior for business hours).

All application materials will be kept by the OC for archiving. Please ensure that you have backups. 

5.Please be noted that the OC will not bear the costs for mail or insurance of the application materials, nor will it assume any liability for the loss, damage of the materials during the process of delivery or the loss, error or damage of the materials attributable to force majeure. 


Article 5. Utilization of Excerpts From Entries and Copyright Exchange

1.      For promotional purposes, the committee is entitled to use the stills, trailers, posters and other related materials in festival promotional videos, cinemas, TV channels, websites, mobile TV, public places etc.

2.      The committee is entitled to screen consecutive excerpts of no more than 3 minutes from any entries in cinemas, TV channels, websites,mobile TV, public places etc.

3.      The committee is entitled to duplicate the entries exclusive for archiving other than commercial purpose.

4.      Information about the films selected for Doc Shop will be published on the GZDOC 2017 DocuMart handbook. All participated films in Docshop are deemed agree on this rule.

5.      The selected films will be uploaded and screened to Docshop, which includes but limit to film selection and screening, during 2017 and 2018. All participated films in Doc shop are deemed agree on this rule.

6.      The Organization Committee of GZDOC is entitled to the three years of dealership of the films selected into the Doc Shop list. Guangzhou Global International Documentary Festival Culture Investment Co., Ltd is designated as the copyright agent and the dealership should be contracted with the copyright holders. If succeeded through Doc Shop or by assistance of Guangzhou Global International Documentary Festival Culture Investment Co., Ltd., copyright holders shall pay 10%-15%of the total exchange amount to Guangzhou Global International Documentary Festival Culture Investment Co., Ltd. 


Article 6. Statements

1. Copyright Statement

(1)Applicant (or applying institution) shall possess the copyright or distribution right of the film submitted, and shall ensure that there is no dispute over copyright of the film, and shall ensure that he/she has obtained the copyrights of or the authorization of the copyright owner(s) to use the music, video image and texts contained/used in the film. Any dispute arose out of or related to the copyright of the film shall be borne by the applicant (or applying institution). 

2. Statement of Interests

(1)   All applicants shall strictly abide by the Rules on Finished Documentary Film of 2017 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival.

(2)   GZDOC shall assume no responsibility for any consequences arose out of or related to any error in submission of materials and/or completion of forms.

(3) If the Rules are modified, we will post an announcement on our website. The applicant can withdraw from the event if he/she thinks the modified clauses are unacceptable by notifying the OC within 10 working days after the announcement is posted. Otherwise, we will deem that the applicant accepts the modified clauses.

(4) Any application for the Golden Kapok Awards, Golden Kapok Gallery and DOC Shop to be held by GZDOC shall be construed as agreement to the above provisions and rules. Any dispute hereof shall be subject to the independent jurisdiction of the judicial authorities of the People’s Republic of China. 

(5) The OC reserves all rights to final explanation of the Rules.

(6) The OC reserves all rights to final explanation of all activities.


General Office of the Organizing Committee of Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival

March 15,2017


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