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GZDOC 2019 Golden Kapok Award Jury

Identity:Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the Guangzhou International Documentary Festival
Name:Tan Fenbo

Personage introduction

Tan Fenbo, Senior Editor, is Secretary-general of Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, and also Deputy Director-general of Guangdong Administration of Radio and Television. Tan served as Director of TV Series Management Division of Guangdong Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Secretary-general of Guangdong Association of Radio and Television. Tan has done well in theoretical research of radio and TV with his publication of books and articles such as (Features and Development of Radio and TV Cultures in the South of the Five Ridges), (Crossing in the Market-Development and Thinking of Guangdong Radio and TV in the Past 20 Years), (Frequency Specialization: the Inevitable Way for Radio to Keep Pace with the Times), (Deconstruction and Construction of TV Content Industry Chain, Film and TV: Breakthrough for Development of Guangdong Creative Industry), etc. Tan once directed key research topics such as (Guangdong TV Content Construction and Industry Development and Research), (Research on Development of Private Film and TV Industry in Guangdong), etc. Tan also edited radio and TV academic journals such as (Audiovisual Research in the South of the Five Ridges), books such as (Guides on Guangdong TV and Media). He is the first-prize winner of ‘China News Award’ and ‘National Radio and TV Works Selection’, the winner of ‘Top 100 Papers on Journalism in 1949-1999’ and ‘National Top 10 Theoretical Workers of Radio and TV’.