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GZDOC 2018 Golden Kapok Award Competition Semi-finalist

Release time:2018-05-24

The GZDOC 2018 Golden Kapok Award Competition successfully wrapped up with 4,542 submissions from 122 countries/regions. In the past three months, the festival organizing committee gathered 60 experts who specialize in production management, film study, film production, theatre distribution, media review, and documentary industries to launch first-round selection. As a result of intense selection, 204 documentaries from 49 countries/regions are qualified to be the semi-finalists.

Below are the lists of semi-finalists. 

 International Semi-Finalists 

—— Feature Documentary ——


A Stranger Came to Town

Production Country: Netherlans

Director: Thomas Vroege

Production Company: Halal Docs

A Woman Captured

Production Countries: Hungary | Germany

Director: Bernadett Tuza-Ritter

Production Companies: ÉCLIPSE FILM | CORSO FILM



Production Country: USA

Directors: Erick Stoll | Chase Whiteside

Production Company: Lifelike Docs


An Engineered Dream

Production Countries: Korea | Japan | Singapore | Taiwan, China

Director: Hemant Gaba

Production Company: TUK TUK FILMS


Anote’s Ark

Production Country: Canada

Director: Matthieu Rytz

Production Company: EyeSteelFilm

Ballet Now

Production Country: USA

Director: Steven Cantor

Production Company: Stick Figure Productions


Berlin's Treasure Trove

Production Country: Germany

Director: Dag Freyer

Production Company: Berlin Producers Media


Border Politics

Production Country: Australia

Director: Judy Rymer

Production Company: Rymer Childs Productions


Boys Who Like Girls

Production Countries: Finland | Norway | India

Director: Inka Achte

Production Company: Napa Films


Cairo in One Breath

Production Country: USA

Director: Anna Kipervaser

Production Company: On Look Films


City of the Sun

Production Countries: Georgia | Netherlands | Qatar | USA

Director: Rati Oneli

Production Company: OFA | Office of Film Architecture


Cell Block 4

Production Country: Argentina

Director: Diego Gachassin

Production Company: El Acorazado Cine



Production Country: Netherlands

Director: Janet Van den Brand

Production Companies: Diplodokus | Tangerine Tree | Belga Productions |

 Evangelische Omroep


Children of the Snow Land

Production Countries: UK | Nepal

Directors: Zara Balfour | Marcus Stephenson

Production Companies: Wall Productions | Mayfly TV


China on Film - China othe Cusp of Change

Production Country: Singapore

Director: Jeremy Bristow

Production Company: MAKE Productions Pte Ltd.


Digo la Cordillera. Travel Notebooks

Production Country: Argentina

Director: Ciro Nestor Novelli

Production Companies: Mariángeles San Martin |

Curandero Producciones


Dollar Heroes

Production Country: Korea

Directors: Carl Gierstorfer | Sebastian Weis

Production Companies: Tristan Chytroschek | Wonjung Bae | The Why Foundation


Eastern Memories

Production Country: Finland

Directors: Martti Kaartinen | Niklas Kullström

Production Company: Hillstream Pictures


Everywhere We Are

Production Countries: Australia | Germany

Director: Veronika Kaserer

Independent production

From All Corners

Production Country: USA

Director: Ryusuke Okajima

Production Company: Pictures dept. co., ltd.


Goodbye Ringo

Production Countries: Spain | Italy

Director: Pere Marzo Font

Production Companies: Victor Fornies | Colibri Studio | Exit Media | Istituto Luce Cinecittà | Aragón TV | Televisió de Catalunya (TVC)


Production Country: Australia

Director: Paul Damien Williams

Production Company: Resolution Media


Home ia Foreign Land

Production Countries: Costa Rica | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Mexico

Director: Ivannia Villalobos Vindas

Production Companies: Universidad de Costa Rica |

Universidad Estatal a Distancia y Consejo Nacional de Rectores


How to Defuse a Bomb

Production Country: UK

Director: Des Henderson

Production Company: Alleycats TV


In the Claws of a Century Wanting

Production Countries: Philippines | Qatar

Director: Jewel Maranan

Production Company: Cinema Is Incomplete


In the Starlight

Production Country: France

Director: Mathieu Le Lay

Production Companies: Camera Lucida Productions | Mathieu Le Lay Productions | Ushuaïa TV


Island of The Hungery Ghosts

Production Countries: Germany | UK | Australia

Director: Gabrielle Brady

Production Company: Chromosom Film


Journey on Foot – Homeward

Production Country: Korea

Director: Han-Seok KIM

Production Company: KBS



Production Country: France

Director: Oliver Peyon | Cyril Brody

Production Company: Haut et Court


Love and Do What You Want

Production Country: Argentina

Director: María Laura Plasencia

Production Company: Traza



Production Country: Canada

Directors: Nova Ami | Velcrow Ripper

Production Companies: Clique Pictures | National Film Board of Canada |

Transparent Film


Minding the Gap

Production Country: USA

Director: Liu Bing

Production Company: KARTEMQUIN FILMS


Missing Girls

Production Countries: India | Russia

Director: Vadim Vitovtsev

Production Company: Olga Michi Production



Production Country: Australia

Director: Jennifer Peedom

Production Company: Stranger Than Fiction Docs


More Human Than Human

Production Countries: Netherlands | Belgium | USA

Directors: Tommy Pallotta | Femke Wolting

Production Companies: Submarine Amsterdam | SubLA | Savage Film | VPRO


My Son's Crazy Wife

Production Country: Korea

Directors: SUN Ho-bin

Production Company: Monster Factory

Of Fathers and Sons

Production Countries: Germany | Syria | Lebanon | Qatar

Director: Talal Derki

Production Companies: Cinema Group Production | Basis Berlin Filmproduktion GmbH | Ventana Film GmbH | Cinema Group Production


Old Marine Boy

Production Country: Korea

Director: Jin Mo-young

Production Company: MY LOVE FILMS


One Girl

Production Countries: UK | Finland | Italy | Romania

Director: Rosa Russo

Production Company: Webra Productions


On Her Shoulders

Production Country: USA

Director: Alexandria Bombach

Production Company: RYOT films


Over The Limit

Production Countries: Poland | Germany | Finland

Director: Marta Prus

Production Companies: Telemark | Ventana Film | Marianna Films | Chimney Poland



Production Countries: Spain; Mongolia

Director: David Gomez Rollan

Independent production


Subtitles Heroes

Production Country: Italy

Director: Franco Dipietro

Production Company:  DUEL: FILM

The Cleaners

Production Countries: Germany | Brazil

Directors: Hans Block | Moritz Rieswieck

Production Companies: Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion | GRIFA Filmes


The Deminer

Production Country: Sweden

Director: Hogir Hirori 

Co-Director: Shinwar Kamal

Production Companies: Lolav Media | Ginestra Film


The Distant Barking of Dogs

Production Countries: Denmark | Finland | Switzerland

Director: Simon Lereng Wilmont

Production Company: Final Cut for Real

The Ice King

Production Country: UK

Director: James Erskine

Production Companies: New Black Films | BC Storyvilleand | Goldfinch Pictures


The Jewish Underground

Production Country: Israel

Director: Shai Gal

Production Company: July August


The Man with The Lantern

Production Country: Italy

Director: Francesca Lixi

Production Company: Kiné


The Night of All Nights

Production Countries: Germany | India| Japan | USA

Director: Yasemin Şamdereli

Production Companies: S2R Film | Fruitmarket Arts & Media


The Silence of Others

Production Country: Spain

Directors: Almudena Carracedo | Robert Bahar

Production Company: Semilla Verde Productions


The Son

Production Countries: France | Russia

Director: Alexander Abaturov

Production Company: Petit à Petit production


The Workers Cup

Production Country: UK

Director: Adam Sobel

Production Companies: The Workers Cup Ltd. | Mediadante


This Is Congo

Production Countries: USA | Congo | Canada | Qatar

Director: Daniel McCabe

Production Companies: Turbo Films | Vision Film


Time Trial

Production Country: UK

Director: Finlay Pretsell

Production Company: SDI Productions

To the End of Dreams

Production Country: Switzerland

Director: Wilfried Meichtry

Production Company: DokLab GmbH


True Conviction

Production Country: USA

Director: Jamie Meltzer

Production Company: Freedom Fighters Documentary LLC


Under the Wire

Production Country: UK

Director: Chris Martin

Production Companies: Arrow International Media | A & E IndieFilms


Who Will Write Our History

Production Country: USA

Director: Roberta Grossman

Production Company: Katahdin Productions


Welcome to Sodom

Production Country: Austria

Directors: Weigensamer Florian | Krönes Christian

Production Companies: Blackbox Film& Medienproduktion GmbH


Zaatari - In the Middle of Nowhere

Production Countries: Germany | Brazil

Director: Paschoal Samora

Production Companies: Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion Gmbh | GRIFA Filmes


Zen and Bones

Production Country: Japan

Director: Takayuki Nakamura

Production Companies: Ren Ren FILMS | Da Zhang Fu

—— Documentary Short ——

40 Meters

Production Country: Switzerland

Director: Samuel Flueckiger

Production Company: Flückiger Film


Production Countries: Germany | Spain

Directors: Jonas Egert | David Preute

Production Companies: Cellardor Film / Hellmann & Traub GbR |

 University of Television and Film Munich



Production Country: Canada

Director: Christina Willings

Production Company: National Film Board of Canada


Catch, the Downfall of the Idols

Production Country: Argentina

Director: Felipe Bozzani

Production Company: APURI


Cisco 2020, Massive Rebel

Production Country: Spain

Director: Miguel Garrido Motilva

Production Company: Cisco García


Dark Waves

Production Countries: Belgium | France | Switzerland

Director: Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis

Production Company: Le Fresnoy



Production Country: Columbia

Director: Sebastian Diaz

Independent production


Frog Hunters

Production Country: Turkey

Director: Batuhan Kurt

Production Companies: Dokuz Eylul University, İzmir, Turkey


Ho to Become a Pope

Production Country: Italy

Directors: Justyna Mytnik | Agata Golańska

Production Companies: Polish National Film School in Łódź

In Dance. Italy: Renaissance

Production Countries: Italy | Russia

Director: Anji Taratuta

Production Company: TFF company



Production Country: Poland

Director: Michele Cinque

Production Company: Lazy Film


Letter to My Children

Production Countries: Cuba | Korea | USA

Director: Joseph Juhn

Production Companies: Diaspora Film Production | LCC


Lonesome Willcox

Production Country: USA

Directors: Ryan Maxey | Zack Wright

Independent production


Long Journey for the First Steps

Production Country: Slovenia

Directors: Jasmina Mustafić

Production Company: Luksuz produkcija



Production Country: USA

Director: Li Yiying

Production Company: University of Southern California


Once Hamoun

Production Country: Iran

Director: Ehsani Mohammad

Production Company: Ehsanpictures



Production Country: Poland

Director: Grzegorz Piekarski | Zeinab Pasdar

Production Company: University of Silesia in Katowice



Production Country: France

Director: Frank Ternier

Production Company: l'image d'après

Sea Angels

Production Country: Italy

Director: Simone Gandolfo

Production Company: Samarcanda Film



Production Country: Iran

Director: Mohammad Ehsani

Production Company: Ehsanipictures


Someone Else

Production Countries: France | USA

Director: Degardin Alexandre

Production Company: Dark Horse Films


Talking Soil

Production Country: Switzerland

Director: Jan Baumgartner

Independent Production


The Man Who Planted a Forest

Production Country: India

Director: Sajeed A

Production Company: 101India.com


Time Machine

Production Country: Poland

Director: Jan Bujnowski

Production Companies: The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz


Tracing Addai

Production Country: Germany

Director: Esther Niemeier

Production Company: Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF


Trespass: Stories from Singapore's Thieves Market

Production Country: Singapore

Director: OngKah Jing

Production Company: OKJ Discoveries LLP


Winter in Europe

Production Country: Spain

Director: Polo Menárguez

Production Companies: Mordisco Films | Montreux Entertainment

—— Documentary series ——

Blue Planet II

Production Country: UK

Director: James Honeyborne

Production Companies: BBC Studios Natural History Unit | OceanX Media


The Kingdom - How Fungi Made the World

Production Countries: Australia | Canada

Director: Talas Annamaria

Production Companies: Smith & Nasht Pty Ltd | Real to Reel Productions Inc.


 Domestic Semi-Finalists 

—— Feature Documentary ——

24th Street

Director: Pan Zhiqi
Production Companies: Pan Zhiqi Documentary Studio | CNEX

A Rejoice in Life

Director: Chai Hongfang

Production Company: Chai Fanghong Studio


A Way Out

Director: Zheng Qiong

Production Company: Channel Zero Media (Beijing)

Bo Fuli's Long March

Director: Ling Yatao

Production Company: Jiangsu Su Ying Media Co. , Ltd.

Chu Shan Ji

Director: Jiao Bo

Production Company: Jiao Bo Guang Ying (Beijing) Communication Co. , Ltd.


Dancing in the Wind

Director: Yue Ting

Production Company: Qingying Studio


Extreme Road

Director: Cheng Gong

Production Company: Beijing Wu Xing Chuan Qi Inc.



Director: Chen Hao

Production Companies: CCTV Documentary Channel | China Guangxi Television


Four Springs

Director: Lu Qingyi

Production Company: Baichuan (Wuxi) Inc.


From Local to Global

Director: Gerry Hadden

Co-produced with: USA

Production Company: China Global Television Network-America


From Shanghai to Pingyao

Director: Wang Jing

Production Companies: Beijing Guan Zheng Communication Co. , Ltd. Er Xiao Men (Shanghai) Film. Inc.


Ganglha Metok

Director:  Taxi Qingpeng

Production Company: Chlitina(China) Trading Co., Ltd.


Hanava Divas

Director: Wei Shiyu

Co-produced with: Hong Kong | China

Production Company: Blue Queen Cultural Communication Ltd.


Han Hai Lv Zhou

Director: Liang Kun

Production Company: CCTV Documentary Channel


Himalayas Condor

Directors: Zhang Yue | Cui Ying

Production Company: Central Studio of News Reels Production


In My Eyes

Director: Han Yi

Production Company: Shanghai Dong Zhu Inc.

Kick the Ball! Kid!

Director: Zhao Guopeng

Production Company: Lanzhou Television Center


Lady of the Harbour

Director: Wang Shen

Co-produced with: Netherlands

Production Company: Muyi Film


Life in the Field

Director: Ding Qianhe

Production Company: Qingdao Radio and Television


Light Up

Director: Wei Kai

Production Company: Guangzhou Imagine Media Culture Communication Co., Ltd


Lion Heart

Director: Wan Man (Singapore)

Co-produced with: Singapore

Production Company: Beijing San Duo Tang Inc.


Loving Cantonese Opera

Director: Lu Chuan

Production Companies: Guangzhou Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Press and Publication | Beijing Bo Jing Communication Co., Ltd


Meeting in Shambhala

Director: Yan Dazhong

Production Company: Fleet Entertainment (Beijing)


Memoirs of Canton: Glittering Pearls in the Delta

Directors: Fan Deliang | Chen Yi

Production Companies: Guangzhou Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Press and Publication | Oriental Companion Media(Beijing) Co.,Ltd | China newsreel and documentary film studio | Global Raytur Public Communication Company Ltd.


People's Republic of Desire

Director: Wu Hao

Production Company: Beijing Xing Ye Technology and Culture Co., Ltd. |

Tripod Media LLC


Pursuit of Prescription Made Up of Chinese Herbs

Directors: Liu Yanhong | Gu Yue | Mei Yuan | Li Jing | Yin Jihui | Wang Minglei

Production Company: China Agriculture Film and Television Center


Research of The Left-Behind Japanese Women in China after World War

Director: Wang Naizhen

Independent production


Stammering Balled

Director: Zhang Nan

Production Company: CNEX


SHAKUHACHI: One Sound One Life

Director: Qin Qiong (Helen)

Production Company: Shanghai Tian Ren Hui Zhi Culture Communication Co. , Ltd.


Tibetan monkeys of Mountain Huangshan

Director: Zhang Chengjun | Pan Yang | Meng Xudong

Production Company: Anhui Radio and Television


Time in Tibet

Director: Zhang Luxing

Production Company: China Intercontinental Communication Center(CICC)

Timeless Beauty

Director: Deyan PARPOUCHEV

Production Company: Artking Cuture Media, Alien Production


The China-supply of Jack MA

Director: Zhang Neixian

Production Company: Beijing Polis Vision Inc.


The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Director: Yan Dong

Co-produce with: USA | Netherlands

Production Companies: CCTV-10 | Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Agency | Discovery Network | Guangdong Radio & Television | ZHTV


The People above the Clouds

Director: Thierry Boscheron

Co- produced with: France

Production Companies: China Global Television Network | Etoile Noire Production


The Scapegoat

Director :Han Jing

Production CompanyShanghai Shi Ye Inc.


Uncle Bird -The Story of Ren Jianguo

Director: Shen Rong

Production Companies: Publicity Department of the CPC Jilin Municipal Committee| Jilin Radio and Television

Water Earthworm

Director: Zhang Xiaodan

Production Company: Liaoning Hanggong Inc.



Director: Wang Yang

Production Companies: Ang Zuo(Shanghai) Inc. | Beijing Shi Na Hua Ren Inc.


Yi Yuan Ji Shi

Directors: Zhang Peng | Wang Weida | Liu Hongyan

Production Company: China Central Television


Yun He Shang De Guo Du: Ba Na Ma Yun Xing

Director: Shen Feifeng

Country/Region: Hong Kong | China

Production Company: Phoenix TV

—— Documentary Short ——



Director: Ding Ran

Production Company: China Central Television News Channel


Autism, NLonger

Director: Li Haiyi

Production Company: Shi Guang Ji Communication Co., Ltd.


Secluded Primary School

Director: Tan Tianyao

Independent Production


Awakening Lion

Director: Guo An

Production Companies: Guangdong Song&Dance Ensemble |

 Beijing Huayu Media Co., Ltd.


Family Video

Director: Huang Liancong

Production Company:

Duan Pianer Studio of School of Literature and Communication of Huizhou University



Directors: Li Yunjing | Fengbao

Production Company: Beijing Shi Ji Fei Yang Communication Co., Ltd.


Fly over the Summit

Directors: Huang He | Liu Zinan

Production Company: Sichuan Jia Hao Communication Co., Ltd.


Guardians of the Scales

Director: Huang Wenxuan

Independent production


He Made Zither Out of Wood

Director: Song Manchao

Production Company: Shanxi Panoramic Record Film& Television Media Co., Ltd.



Director: Qi Lei | Bai Ping

Production Company: China Weather TV


If I Die Young

Director: Chuai Jing

Production Company: Sichuan Normal University


Just Pick UChildren for

Director: Zhong Ruoshi

Production Company: Shanghai Theatre Academy


Live and Let Live

Director: Luo Binhao

Production Company: Nanfang Daily


Never Rare

Director: Chen Yanv

Production Company: Communication University of China


Shangri LA

Director: Carlo Christian Spano

Production Company: Huang Ye Xing Qiu (Beijing) Technology and Culture Co., Ltd.

Taolai River Canyon Mystery

Director: Gao Xiang

Production Company: Jiayuguan Radio and Television


Telling the Movies to the Blind

Director: Jiang Chao

Production Company: Shangdong Radio and Television


The Competition Court of 6 Seconds

Director: Pan Boyang

Production Company: Faculty of Art and Media of Tongji University


The Craftsman Village

Director: Chen Chunguang

Production Company: Xiamen Guang Yu Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


The Earliest Walled-city in China Wakes UAgain

Director: Gu Xiaojun

Production Company: OHOTV


The Living in the Present – “Transfer Stop, Witness of Love”

Director: Liu Liu

Production Companies: China Network Television | New TV | Huoer Guosi Media Co., Ltd.


The Wooden Steelyard

Director: Ding Qianhe

Production Company: Qingdao Radio and Television


The Survival Wisdom oa Wetland

Director: Chen Ge

Production Company: Shenzhen Fang Xiang Culture Inc.

——Documentary Series ——

At the Foot of Tian Shan

Director: Zhu Yong

Production Companies: Zhejiang Binshan Culture Communication Co., Ltd |

 China Central Television

Being a Book Fanatic

Director: Luo Yingluan

Production Companies:

CCTV Documentary Channel | Beijing Xiao He Culture Communication Co., Ltd


Big Pacific

Director: Sue Houghton

Co-produced with: New Zealand | USA | Germany | France | Japan

Production Companies: CCTV DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL | PBS | ARTEm | Discovery | ZDF | NHK



Director: Zhang Yihong

Production Companies: Beijing Fa Xian Ji Shi Inc. | CCTV DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL


Chao Ji Gong Cheng ——Zong Heng Zhong Guo

Directors: Li Bing | Xu Wei

Production Company: CCTV Documentary Channel


China and the World in a New Era

Directors: Zheng Yun | Huangfei

Production Company: Guangdong Radio and Television


China Constructors

Directors: Liu Fan | Song Dan | Huang Lei

Production Company: CCTV-10


China Reinvent Itself

Director: Shi Yan

Production Companies: CCTV DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL |ShenZhen Media Group


China Next

Directors: Jiang Songzhang | Wang Miao | Feng Du | Zhang Nan

Co-produced with: UK

Production Companies: K11 | DOCSVILLE


China Wild

Director: Liu Na

Production Company: Intercontinental communication center(CICC)


Chuan Cheng Season 2

Directors: He Yali | Zhang Keke

Production Company: China Central Television


Da Guo Wai Jiao

Directors: He Shaowei | Zhu Bo

Production Company: China Central Television


Fall in Love with China

Director: Wang Weiping

Production Company: Zhejiang Television


Football Road Map

Directors: Zhu He | Yang Chao | Zhu Yun | Ren Zhixun

Co-produced with: Qatar | UK | France |Germany | Spain | Iceland | Argentina | Brazil | Japan | US

Production Companies: CCTV Sports Channel | China International Television Corporation | China IPTV Co.,Ltd. | CCTV Yi Cheng Tian Xia | New TV | Hainna San Duo Tang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. | Beijing San Duo Tang Media Co., Ltd.


Fruits Legends

Directors: Zeng Xin | Su Lei

Production Company: Yunji Media Co., Ltd


Herbal China

Directors: Sun Hong | Yuan Bo | Xu Zhen

Production Companies: Yunji Media Co., Ltd. | IQIYI


I'm Going to Xinjiang

Director: Kurbanjan·Samat

Production Company: Shanghai Jiang Han Ge Inc.


Into the Heart of Shambhala

Director: Yan Dazhong

Production Companies: China Central Television | Fleet Entertainment


Ji Zhu Xiang Chou Season 4

Directors: Li Xinyan | Wang Feng

Production Company: China Central Television


Jin Xiu Ji

Director: Xu Xiaohui



La Lin He Pan Season 1

Director: Shen Shu

Production Companies: Heilongjiang Radio and Television | CCTV DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL


Lian Da, a Chinese University in War and Revolution

Directors: Xu Bei | Wu Di | Zhou Hui | Yang Yun

Production Companies: Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department | Central Studio of News Reels Production

Manufacturing a Power

Directors: Li Yang | Zhang Qing | Wang Liping | Liu Na | Pan Min

Production Company: China Central Television


My Coach, Newton

Director: Li Jinwei

Production Companies: Beijing Fa Xian Ji Shi Inc. | CCTV DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL


NanKai —The Tale of a school

Directors: Zu Guang | Zhang Ling

Production Companies: Tianjin Hua Guang Ji Lu Inc. | Tianjin Radio and television | CCTV DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL | Publicity Department of the CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee | Tianjin Municipal Education Commission


Red Fortress

Directors: He Liya | Wu Fei | Zhao Bin | Ouyang Qun | Jiang Li | Cui Jianping

Production Company: China Central Television


San Guo De Shi Jie

Directors: Duan Jinchuan | Jiang Yue

Production Companies: CCTV DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL |

 Sichuan Radio and Television


Shining Star on the Way---Documentary on Chinese Women Volleyball Team Won Championship in Rio

Director: Chen Xiaoguang

Production Company: China Central Television

Sky River of the Himalayas

Directors: Klaus Feichtenberger | Jeremy Hogarth and Heinz Leger

Co-produced with: Austria

Production Companies: CCTV-10 | China International Television Corporation | PreTV


The large-scale Serial Documentary Great Doctors of Guangdong

Directors: Wu Xiaoliang | Wang Yingying | Li Bei | She Jiao

Production Companies: Ren Zhi Chu Magazine |

(Guangzhou) Hybrid Culture Communication Co., Ltd


The Tiankeng in Hanzhong

Directors: Wang Lingling | Chen Jianqi

Production Company: CCTV-10


The 7th Season of Handicraft

Director: Jiang Wei

Production Company: CCTV-10


Under the Qilian Mountain

Director: Wang Xudong

Production Companies:Gansu Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department | Gansu Ba Er Si Culture Communication Co., Ltd. |  Zhangye Radio and Television


Wen Chuan, Ni Men Hai Hao Ma

Directors: Yu Jing | Luo Xiao | Zheng Fuzhou

Co-produced with: Hong Kong | China

Production Company: Phoenix Television


Xing Xing Dian Deng

Director: Li Wenjuan

Production Company: China Central Television

—— New Media Documentaries——


China to Siberia: Crossing the Lonelist Lake

Directors: Xu Jiangjun | Guo Rongfei

Production Company: Jiemian News



Director: Chen Yingjie

Production Companies: Shanghai wide entertainment Digital Technology CO., Ltd. | Digital Media Banner(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Document 72 Hour·China

Director: Zhang Xuejiao

Production Company: Beijing Daolai Inc. Tencent Video


Guang Zhi Zi

Director: Shi Xinjie

Production Company: Ergeng(Shenzhen)


How to Be a Memorization Master?

Director: Zhang Rui

Production Company: Jiemian News


MUN, and Chinese Teens

Director: Guo Rongfei

Production Company: Jiemian News


My legacy and I

Director: Liu Junwei

Production Companies: Tencent News | Beijing San Duo Tang Inc.


On The Road S01

Director: Zhang Xinyu

Production Companies: Huan Yu Xing Ye(Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. | Tencent Video



Director: Qiao Yan

Production Company: Daji Studio


Ru Guo Guo Bao Hui Shuo Hua

Directors: Xu Huan | Zhang Yuejia | Feng Lei | Wang Zhe | Pan Yi | Zhu Jie | Cui Yu |

 Kou Huiwen

Production Company: CCTV Documentary Channel


Ten Years: Forget MNot

Director: Fan Jian

Production Company: Tencent News


The Great Shokunin Season 3

Director: Li Zhenya

Production Company: Hunan Zhiliao Youth Culture Co., Ltd.


The Great Tribe Season 2

Director: Li Zhenya

Production Company: Hunan Zhiliao Youth Culture Co., Ltd.


VICE Sports: Profile Athletes Gao Leilei

Director: Billy Starman

Production Company: Yi Shi Yi Se (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd.





The finalists of GZDOC 2018 China Story International Pitching Session will be announced in late November.