【Review】2018 Frontier Science and Technology Traning Camp

Release Time:2019-01-23


At present, in the field of natural documentary, scientific documentary and exploration documentary production, China has a large gap with Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, and lacks the talent pool. In order to improve the domestic production level in the field of natural, scientific and exploration documentaries, Training Camp plans to hold "Frontier Science and Technology Training Camp" for Chinese university students, focusing on the industrial process of natural, scientific and exploration documentary production, and cultivating documentary talents.


1. To explore and cultivate professional production personnel for nature documentaries, science documentaries and exploration documentaries among college students;

2. To establish a research and production training base for documentaries on nature, science and exploration.


In the courses, the students will learn:

How to complete a natural/scientific/exploration documentary?

What dose the director think about a natural/scientific/exploration documentaries?

How to use photography skills and special photography skills in a natural/scientific/exploration documentaries?

What should post production do when producing a natural/scientific/exploration documentaries?


1.  Wildlife Cinematography Unit

Jacky Poon   
Born in China, Emmy-nominated Wildlife Cinematographer

2. VR Filmmaking Unit

Zhao Yilong

Chief Engineer of Camera Technology, Jaunt China

Stevie Hsu

Marketing Director, Jaunt China

3. UAV Cinematography Unit

Wang Dapeng
Programme Leader of UAV Aerial Photography in Chinese Universities