GZDOC 2020 Golden Kapok Award Competition Finalists Announced

The Golden Kapok Award Competition is the core program in GZDOC, which has been attracting attention and recognition from the industry at home and abroad.

We have collected a total of 3,227 entries from 126 countries and regions. Nowadays, GZDOC has received more than 3,000 entries in last three years, from more than 120 countries and regions.

As an open and inclusive platform, GZDOC are committed to the pursuit and purpose of international first-class and professional projects. 

Below is the list of GZDOC 2020 Golden Kapok Award Competition Finalists:


Domestic Finalists

--Documentary Feature--

Tough Out

Director: Xu Huijing

Production Country: China

Duration: 107 min

Production Company: Beijing iQIYI Science & Technology Co., Ltd / Beijing Yuanzhen Culture Co., Ltd. / Guangzhou Imagine Media Co., Ltd. / Power Baseball United Culture

Development Co.,Ltd. / Beijing Medoc Film Co.,Ltd.


Heart of a Lion

Director: Xu Weichao

Production Country: China

Duration: 100 min

Production Company: Communication University of China / Beijing CNEX Production Co. Ltd. / Hainan Modeng Culture Media Co. Ltd. / Inhope Documentary / Shenzhen

Tencent Computer Systems Co. Ltd.


A Record of 80 Days in Jinyintan Hospital

Director: Tan Haiyan / Wu Qin / Nie Yan / Song Yiming

Production Country: China

Duration: 73 min

Production Company: Hubei Radio and Television Group



Director: Zhang Hua

Production Country: China

Duration: 77 min

Production Company: Hangzhou Fresh & Fun Film Media Co., Ltd


Light Chaser

Director: Sun Hui / Feng Feng / Yang Ziyun / Zhou Quan

Production Country: China

Duration: 91 min

Production Company:Beijing Aurorama Media Co.,Ltd. / BAIC BluePark New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. / Beijing Starry Oceans Cluture & Communications Co., Ltd. / JUNHE Fengchuang (Shenzhen) Cultural Media Co., Ltd. / Classic Impression Culture Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. / Beijing Buff Media Co., Ltd.


Fences Around Us

Director: Sun Hui / Feng Feng / Yang Ziyun / Zhou Quan

Production Country: China / Kenya / Botswana / Finland

Duration: 59 min

Production Company: CMG Africa / Oddjob Films


Daughter of the Light

Director: Ka Xianjia

Production Country: China

Duration: 100 min

Production Company: Osongflims Co., Ltd.

《光之子》光影纪年   海报.jpg

--Documentary Short--

As Winter Goes By

Director: Ka Xianjia

Production Country: China

Duration: 30 min

Production Company: Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. / Hainan Riyao Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. / Qingdao Dafengzhulang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.


Happy Stories of China – Ma Haoran & Li Yonggan

Director: Lin Ying

Production Country: China

Duration: 27 min

Production Company: Hainan TV


Selling Garlic Story of Mai Xiaodeng

Director: Li Xinxin / Liang Xinjian / Ma Yonggang

Production Country: China

Duration: 23 min

Production Company: CMG Agriculture and Rural Affairs Programming Center

海报 .jpg


--Documentary Series-- 

The Journey of Chinese Plants

Director: Li Chengcai / Zhouye

Production Country: China

Duration: 50min*10sets

Production Company: Beijing Mooze FILM & TV Media Co.,Ltd.


The Amphitrite

Director: Li Lin / Qiu Ruihong / Wu Richu

Production Country: China

Duration: 50min*3sets

Production Company: Guangzhou Broadcasting Network / Literature and Art office of CCP Guangdong Provincial Committee Publicity Department / Literature and Art office of CCP Guangzhou Municipal Committee Publicity Department / Literature and Art office of CCP Nansha District Committee Publicity Department


The City Wall Is Falling Down

Director: Xu Bei

Production Country: China

Duration: 50min*5sets

Production Company: Documentary Channel, CMG Film, Drama and Documentary Programming Center / Chongqing Broadcasting Group


Dare to Grow Up

Director: Zhang Lin

Production Country: China

Duration: 35min*5sets

Production Company: SEEME Culture Communication Co., Ltd. / Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Co., Ltd. / Global Raytur(Guangzhou) Public Communication Co., Ltd.


The Blue World

Director: Li Yong / Tang Xinrong / Jiang Lei / Xie Yubin / Liu Jia / Chen Hong / Zhang Han

Production Country: China

Duration: 50min*6sets

Production Company: Documentary Channel, CMG Film, Drama and Documentary Programming Center


Together Against COVID-19

Director: Liu Meijia

Production Country: China

Duration: 55min*6sets

Production Company: CMG


Four Great Department Stores

Director: Zeng Jianping / Tang Jigui / Chen Yunxiao

Production Country: China

Duration: 25min*4sets

Production Company: Zhongshan Broadcast and TV Station / Guangdong Sharp Sense Media


The River of Hope

Director: Lu Zhenping / Lan Yunjian / Zhou Yingjun / Chen Ganzhang / Yang Yongkun / Zeng Xianyi / Cao Chunguang / Xie Bing / Liu Yong / Zhai Jia / Tan Zhen / Huang Shaoning / Guo Zhiyong

Production Country: China

Duration: 30min*3sets

Production Company: Guangdong Radio and Television / Guangxi Radio and Television 图片1.png

Footprints in the Snow

Director: Zhu He

Production Country: China

Duration: 25min*8sets

Production Company: CCTV International Network Co., Ltd. / Bejing SDT Media Co., Ltd. / New TV / China IPTV Co.,Ltd.



Director: Wang Yu

Production Country: China / Singapore

Duration: 33min*4sets

Production Company: Discovery / CICC / People's daily new media center / Tencent News


For the Lovely China

Director: Liu Bin / Wang Weida / Luo Chen / Xu Jiqin / Wang Yu / Peng Xue / Wang Wenjia / Yang Xinying / Lu Min / Gao Xin / Fu Jianguo / Gao Zhong

Production Country: China

Duration: 50min*7sets

Production Company: Discovery / CICC / People's daily new media center / Tencent News 为了可爱的中国 海报.jpg

The Year of 2020: Our Stories of Poverty Eradication

Director: Zhang Xu / Lu Guanghua / Zuo Ning / Wang Xiaofeng / Zong Hongyu / Xu Jie / Guo Dongsheng / Chai Hongfang / Jiao Bo / Jin Xia / Feng Yong / Zhang Yu / Zhang Guofeng / Zhai Mingyang

Production Country: China

Duration: 50min*10sets

Production Company: Documentary Channel, CMG Film, Drama and Documentary Programming Center

《2020 我们的脱贫故事》海报.jpg

International Finalists

--Documentary Feature--

Lessons of Love

Director: Malgorzata Goliszewska / Kasia Mateja

Production Country: Poland

Duration: 75min

Production Company: WIDOK / HBO Europe / Pomerania Film / mx35 / Aura Film


My Octopus Teacher

Director: Pippa Ehrlich / James Reed

Production Country: South Africa / Netherlands

Duration: 85min

Production Company: Off the fence / The Sea Change Project


The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

Director: Iryna Tsilyk

Production Country: Ukraine / Lithuania

Duration: 74min

Production Company: Albatros Communicos / Moonmakers


The Painter and the Thief

Director: Benjamin Ree

Production Country: Norway

Duration: 102min

Production Company: Medieoperatørene / VGTV


Babenco: Tell Me When I Die

Director: Barbara Paz

Production Country: Brazil

Duration: 75min

Production Company: A HB FILMS / Gullane


Queen Lear

Director: Pelin Esmer

Production Country: Turkey

Duration: 84min

Production Company: Sinefilm



Director: Ana Elena Tejera

Production Country: PANAMA

Duration: 85min



Walchensee Forever

Director: Janna Ji Wonders

Production Country: Germany

Duration: 110min

Production Company: Flare Film / Bayerischer Rundfunk

Tales From the Prison Cell

Director: Ábel Visky

Production Country: Hungary / UK / Croatia

Duration: 75min

Production Company: Proton Cinema

Poster 4b500c93a7-poster.jpg

Lost in Memories

Director: Ruud Lenssen

Production Country: Netherlands

Duration: 71min

Production Company: Ruud Lenssen Documentaires


Green Blood

Director: Arthur Bouvart / Jules Giraudat

Production Country: France

Duration: 95min


Green Blood_Poster_00.jpg 

--Documentary Short--


Director: Stelios Moraitidis

Production Country: Greece

Duration: 12min

Production Company:Independent Production



Director: Vladimir Perović

Production Country: Montenegro

Duration: 22min

Production Company:CZK Tivat / Vladimir Perović

Ognjilo poster.jpg

Pripyat Piano

Director: Eliška Cílková

Production Country: Czech Republic / Ukraine

Duration: 18min

Production Company:Gamma Pictures ltd. / FAMU - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague



Director: Komeil Soheili

Production Country: Iran / Korea

Duration: 12min

Production Company:Simiya Film


Sing Me a Lullaby

Director: Tiffany Hsiung

Production Country: Canada

Duration: 25min

Production Company:Independent Production

Sing Me a Lullaby posterGZ.jpg