2021 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China

International Film & TV Market Exhibitor Application Rules

1.International Film & TV Market

The GZDOC International Film & TV Market Exhibition is one of the most important events scheduled during the festival: it is a platform for professional documentary production/broadcasting organizations, professional equipment manufacturers and other related organizations to exhibit their documentaries, programs, films & TV equipment and services. The exhibition offers two types of booths, including standard and special ones through which exhibitors present their projects to domestic/foreign buyers, TV stations, production companies, producers, distributors, agents, new media and other industry elites, and facilitate communications and transactions. Building on its previous success, the exhibition has been an international platform for domestic as well as foreign documentaries to showcase, communicate and trade.
The 2021 GZDOC International Film & TV Market will be held both online and offline. All related organizations can apply for online booths, and those who apply for offline booths will be given a free online booth.

Date: December 6 - December 9, 2021
Venue: Guangzhou Library, No. 4 Zhujiang East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

2.Application Eligibility

Companies and organizations in the global documentary industry and related industries are eligible to apply, with priority given to documentary production companies, copyright sales/agency companies and video websites.

3.Application Method

1) All companies and organizations wishing to participate in the 2021 China (Guangzhou) International Documentary Film & TV Market should apply online through the official website of GZDOC at and click on "Registration" - "Booth Application" to apply online.

2) The International Film & TV Market will send an email for data collection on the day after the application is approved – please send related materials to within 7 day after receiving our email.

3) The deadline for online application is November 19, 2021, and no late applications will be accepted.

4.Exhibitor Notes

1) Offline booth

A. Standard booths: Standard booths will be made by the Organizing Committee’s manufacturers. The height of the exhibits and decorations is within 3 meters, and the exhibits and decorations should not exceed the restricted areas.

B.Special Booth: Special booths will be constructed by exhibitors themselves. All design drawings of booths should be submitted for review before Nov. 20. Exhibitors can only construct their booth after getting permission. The height of the exhibits and decorations is within 5 meters, and the structure and decorations should not exceed the restricted areas.

2) Online booth

A. The official website display is mainly for two aspects: "Company Display" and "Project Display". The "Company Display" is used to present the basic information and main business of the company, while the "Project Display" is used to show the main projects and past cases of the company. There are separate interfaces for company and projects.

B. In order to maximize the online exhibition’s influence, there is no access threshold to the exhibitors' page; visitors who are interested in the International Film & TV Market can directly enter the exhibition page to browse, which helps exhibitors improve their visibility and promote transactions.

5.Privileges and Payments

1) Offline Booth Specifications

A. Standard Booth: Size: 3M(Length)x 3M(Width)x 3M(Height)

Furnished Equipments: One LCDTV, one locker, one round table, four folding chairs, one power strip

Two free accreditations(¥5,000 worth), other participants enjoy a 15% discount.

One LED video ad (within 30 seconds) looping during a whole day on the spot

List of exhibitors in the inside pages of the Event Schedule (1P)

One free online booth

B. Special Booth:Size: 5M(Length)x 5M(Width)x 5M(Height, excluding construction and configuration.

Three free accreditations(¥7,500 worth), other participants enjoy a 15% discount.

One LED video ad (within 60 seconds) looping during a whole day on the spot

List of exhibitors in the inside pages of Event Schedule (1P)

One free online booth

Advertising space on the online special area page

2) Online business negotiation

A. We will provide one-to-one business negotiation appointments for exhibitors and guests/buyers to fully enjoy the potential of GZDOC as a quality platform and promote independent communication within the documentary industry.

B. Registered exhibitors can click on "Guest Appointment" on the official website of GZDOC ( and initiate online business negotiation after approval.

3) Online Booth specifications

6 to 8 projects can be submitted, each project can submit 1 poster, all projects can submit a total of 5 minutes of footage, and can submit company introduction/main project introduction footage as the main online booth video display lasting up to 60 seconds.

4) Booth Price

Standard booth: ¥26,800 each

Specially decorated booth: ¥3,000/㎡

Online booth: ¥500 each

20% off for booking before October 2021

6.Notice to Exhibitors

1) Exhibitors will be assigned booths by the Organizing Committee in accordance with the order of online registration.

2) The Organizing Committee has the sole and absolute discretion to decide whether to accept exhibition applications.

3) Exhibitors shall guarantee that they own the copyright and related rights of the displayed items. In case of disputes arising from copyright defects, the Organizing Committee of GZDOC reserves the right to request the exhibitor to stop the display of the project or take other relevant measures to maintain the order of the exhibition; the legal and economic responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the exhibitor concerned.

7.Information Management

The Organizing Committee of GZDOC will keep the materials and information obtained from the exhibitors safe, and guarantee that they will not be lost, leaked or damaged.

The materials and information provided by the exhibitors will be used for the following purposes, including but not limited to:

1)Publishing the materials and information in the 2021 GZDOC Journal and the official website of GZDOC.

2)Using the audio and video promotional materials during GZDOC.

8.Legal Declaration

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the dates of the exhibition or cancel the exhibition at any time as it deems appropriate due to force majeure reasons, without any liability to the exhibitors. The Exhibitor shall have no claim against the Organizing Committee for any delay, cancellation, alteration, reduction, shortening or extension of the Exhibition in accordance with this clause.

*The Organizing Committee of GZDOC reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.

9.Contact us

General Office of the Organizing Committee of GZDOC

Rm 3303, Yilong Plaza, No.76 West Huangpu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

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Tel: 020-38780150-821