Xu Jifeng


Zhejiang TV

Vice Director of the Chief Editor's Office

Xu Ji Feng is a National Class One Director in Zhejiang TV. In 2001, he started a brand program called and served as the chief director and producer of the program. He directed many major documentaries , , , Zhejiang TV's "Three Poles" series and involved in the development of documentaries , etc. He was invited to direct the remake of , the classic documentary by the famous Italian director Antonioni. He was elected as one of the 4th national "Top 100 TV Artist" (now the "China TV Artists with Outstanding Art Achievement and Strong Moral Integrity ") and one of the "Top Ten TV artists" of Zhejiang Province in 2004. He won the Outstanding Documentary Director Award at the Ten Years of Chinese Documentary by the Documentary Committee of China and the Outstanding Documentary Director Award at the "Online Gala for Global Chinese Documentary" held by Sohu in 2011. His new work (Gushan Road, No. 31 Seal in Time) won a dozen of awards issued by NRTA under the Domestic Documentary Supporting Scheme, including Best Series, Best Scriptwriting, etc. This project also be honoured as the benchmark of Zhejiang Documentary's aesthetic.