Best Short Documentary Award


Reflecting Ice

Director: Nina Forsman/
Producer:Niina Virtanen / Pasi Hakkio
Country / Region:Finland
Film Introduction
Ice dancers Olesia Karmi and Max Lindholm have committed their whole lives to figure skating, but after several demanding seasons their career ends in Olesia’s injury. Suddenly they're left with nothing. Max finds a new path for his life quickly, but Olesia struggles to cope without ambitions and goals. How does it feel knowing that your biggest dreams will never come true? If you’re not an athlete anymore, who are you? Do you ever dare to dream again?
Film Creator
Nina Forsman is a documentary filmmaker and an editor from Tampere, Finland. Forsman graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2011 as a Bachelor of Media, majoring in editing. She has worked as an editor in production companies like Yellow Film & TV, Siro Creative, Banijay Finland and Solar Television since 2012. She was also an editor in Maija Blåfield’s documentary film (On Destruction and Preservation). The film premiered in Visions du Réel and won the Ken Burns Award for Best Film at 57th Ann Arbor Film Festival.
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