Journey on Foot - Homeward

Director: Kim Han-Seok/
Country / Region:South Korea
Film Introduction
The slave trade lasted for some 300 years after the 15th century, and Africans were at its center. Senegal's Gorée Island was one of the main trading posts where slave labor was sent to Europe and the American continents. Those Africans were sold or sacrificed against their will, never to return to their homeland. Even to this day, there are those forced to work for survival while suffering from inequality, unable to return to their homes. Urisamba Ba is a migrant worker who traveled from Guinea Conakry to Senegal to escape from poverty. Paradoxically, the breathtaking Lac Rose is where he must spend harsh days harvesting salt. He has 2 wives and 16 children. He and his family live on a measly $10 per day but he lives for a dream; that is returning to his father's homeland. He does his best to save money for his dream, but life doesn't make it easy for him. Those who dash his dream include middlemen who extort labor while withholding fair pay as well as 16 family members whose various needs must be met with money. Will Urisamba Ba ever reach his father's land with his family?
Film Creator
Kim Han-Seok, a documentary film director and cinematographer in KBS, whose film, Colors, 4 Desires: The Blue has won the Best Documentary Cinematography in Golden Kapok Award Competition, 2015.
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