蓝色星球 2

Blue Planet II

Director: James Honeyborne/
Producer:BBC Studios Natural History Unit
Country / Region:UK
Film Introduction
Filmed over four years covering every continent and ocean, this sequel to 2001’s multi-award winning The Blue Planet promises to take viewers on a revelatory and magical journey into the greatest, yet least known parts of our planet–our oceans. By using breakthroughs in science and cutting-edge technology to explore this final frontier, the series will reveal the astonishing characters, otherworldly places and extraordinary new animal behaviours. Warm and compelling stories about marine habitats and their characterful inhabitants will build people’s emotional relationship with our oceans and bring a new perspective to this little-known world.
Film Creator
James Honeyborne graduated as a Biologist and has worked at the BBC’s Natural History Unit ever since. He first learned to scuba dive some 20 years ago, when producing Sir David Attenborough’s Wildlife On One. A succession of free diving films followed, featuring World Champion, Tanya Streeter. After a break from the waves - directing a feature film in the Kalahari Desert - he became the Series Producer of the hit BBC One series, Africa. As Executive Producer, he has overseen some 35 films, working with multiple co-producers around the world. His recent projects include the Emmy nominated series Wild New Zealand, and the BAFTA winning series Big Blue Live with PBS.
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