Sky River of the Himalayas

Director: Klaus Feichtenberge/Yawei Li/
Producer:China Media Group’s Science and Education Channel (CCTV-10), China International Television Corporation, Pre TV
Country / Region:China/Austria
Film Introduction
Sky River of the Himalayas, is the natural history of the Yarlung-Tsangpo/Brahmaputra river system to be shot in China, India and Bangladesh. This innovative series is a comprehensive vision of how tectonics, geology, climate and biosphere (plants, animals, humans) interact to create our living environment. Among all of the world’s rivers, the Yarlung-Tsangpo/Brahmaputra is truly unique-it is the river of superlatives: The planet’s highest major river, flowing from the Third Pole (the world’s largest ice mass apart from the Arctic and the Antarctic) on the world’s highest mountains; it thunders trough the planet’s biggest gorge; it is swelled in the zone of the planet’s highest rainfall; is has created the world’s largest coastal estuary, and it continues its flow for another 3.000 kilometers through a gigantic submarine canyon in the Indian Ocean. Along its course, we find the world’s greatest range of climate zones, the greatest biodiversity and the widest range of human cultures along any river.
Film Creator
Klaus Feichtenberge, Austrian, MA. He studied English and German literature, translation studies and general linguistics in Graz and Southampton.And he used to be an in-house producer at ORF Natural History Unit, Vienna. From 2003 to 2005, he produced the documentary series Europe - a Natural History(European Descartes Award). He is the author and director of Sky River of the Himalayas for CCTV, ORF, ZDF, Arte.
Yawei Li, the general producer of The Sky River from Himalayas. And he also is the director of CCTV’s documentaries The Belt and Road and Water Pulse, and the producer of series documentaries program Advance to the Highest Point of Antarctic and Through The Hoh Xil. He won The China Radio and Film Awards, China TV Golden Eagle Award, Star Award, and The Golden Kapok Award in GZDOC.
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