Loving Cantonese Opera

Director: Lu Chuan/
Producer:Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture Press and Publication, Beijing Bojing Culture & Media Co., Ltd.
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
The film takes Ou Kaiming from the Guangzhou Cantonese Opera House as main character, and tells a story of a generation represented by him, who sticks to Cantonese opera culture, while constantly seeking breakthroughs.
Film Creator
Lu Chuan is a director, screenwriter and cinematographer working at Beijing Bojing Cultural & Media Co., Ltd. He graduated with a master’s degree in art production, film directing from the Academy of Film of Hong Kong Baptist University. He won the Best Director Award at College Short Film Competition of Beijing College Student Film Festival in 2013 and was enrolled in the Taiwan Golden Horse Film Academy in 2014. His representative works include the documentary Xinhua Bookstore and short films The Buddha Maker and The Floating Island.
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