Beyond the Mountains

Director: Jiao Bo/
Producer:Jiaobo Guangying(Beijing) Media Co., Ltd.
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
There are 20 extremely poor townships in Guizhou Province, and Shichao Township, Wuchuan Gelao and Miao Autonomous County, Zunyi City, is among them. Daqi Village is not only the largest village with the largest population in Shichao Township, but also the poorest in the poor villages. This documentary records the touching stories and earth-shaking changes during the battle to eradicate poverty in this village in one year.
Film Creator
Jiao Bo, photographer, documentary director, researcher title. Former photographer of overseas edition of People's Daily, art director of photo gallery in State Council Information Office. He is also member of China Photographers Association, member of China Film Association, executive committee of China Folk Photography Association, vice-chairman of China National Photography Association,member of the publishing committee of the International Institute of Confucianism, member of the Chinese Yanhuang Culture Research Association, director of China Population Culture Society, part-time (visiting) professor in 13 universities, such as Nankai University, Sichuan University, Southwest University and Shandong Art College, and postgraduate tutor of Shandong Art College and Hebei Communication College.
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