Rendezvous with the Future

Director: David Briggs/Bo Zhang/
Producer:Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd | BBC
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
Liu Cixin, a science fiction writer and author of "The ThreeBody Problem" is a man with an extraordinary mind. Few people has taken such complex theories and technologies and woven them together to create such beautiful stories and imaginative worlds. Now.Liu, and some of the world's leading scientists are going to reveal the secrets behind his stories. Each film in this seres will focus on a key areas of science and technologh from Liu's books. From a seres of master interviews Liu will introduce and set up the significance of each, before sitting back as the films travel across the global and comes to uncover what the latest research reveals about the key science and philosophical questions at the heart of each.
Film Creator
BBC-trained Producer / Director with abundant experience making factual programmes for the BBC, Channel Four, Discovery and Netflix. Specialised in premium science documentaries, he has filmed around the world - including on oil rigs, volcanoes and at the South Pole.
Bo Zhang,Head of international co-production, multi award-winning documentary producer, focus on co-producing factual content with international partners for For the past 11 years, Bo Zhang has worked with top-notch broadcasters as well as with world-renowned production houses.
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