Second Life

Director: Bo Qin/Jiechen Tao/
Producer:CCTV International Network Co.,Ltd. | Shanghai Media Group Documentary Center | Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
Second Life is a documentary of ordinary people’s real-life struggles and reconciliation with fate by documenting their lives over two years. Through four featured opposing keywords for eight prospects in life including “Reunion Restaurant” and “Running for a Future”, “Storm Survivors” and “Reconstructing Faces, Rebuilding Lives”, “The Last Resort” and “No Looking Back”,“Moving On” and “Turnaround”, the documentary depicts the joys and sorrows of ordinary people’s lives amidst the torrent of time, observes the choices people make in face of decisive moments and their fate from multiple dimensions and perspectives, demonstrates the power of humanity, inspires the audience’s courage and second thoughts in face of their lives and future. The documentary is rated 9.9 on Bilibili and 9.1 on Douban with a total online view count of over 600 million.
Film Creator
Qin Bo, Documentary Director, the leader of the SMG Documentary Center, whose creations have great social influence. His magnum opus including The Firsts in Life , Second Life, Life Matters seasons 1 and 2, which have won the first prize of China News (2014), Selection of Top Ten Most Influential Documentaries in China (2016 and 2020), Best Director in the 14th Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, Best Documentary Series in the 25th Shanghai TV Festival, Best Documentary Series and Best Director in 2016 annual award of National Radio and Television Administration, 2022 TV Asian Broadcast Union Perspective Award Special Commendation, etc.
Tao Jiechen, Producer of Second Life, State Level III Director, who has presented over 10 documentaries on various topics, and obtained achievements including TV perspective award special commendation at the ABU Prizes 2022, winner of the China Media Group’s 2020 First Prize for Innovative Cross-platform Video and Best Documentary Series at the 12th China Academy Awards of Documentary Film, etc.
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