A Lifetime

Director: Marta Romero/MIRIAM PORTÉ/
Producer:Distinto Films | Proyecta Films | Dos Soles
Country / Region:Spain
Film Introduction
PACO (75) and TRINI (73) have always been together. Due to a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, Paco and his children make the difficult decision to put Trini in a nursing home, where he visits her and takes care of her daily. We discover their story through the eyes of their granddaughter Marta, who for 12 years films her grandparents' relationship. What begins as an attempt to capture memory ends up becoming a film about the love of a lifetime.
Film Creator
Marta Romero has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona. Her documentary short film FACUNDA (2020) premiered at the IDFA festival (Luminous section) and was nominated in the XIV Gaudí Awards. It also participated in the Official Section of the ALCINE festival, the Alcances Festival and the Uppsala Festival, among others. Marta works as a visual artist in the world of dance. She has directed several dance pieces with great recognition in festivals around the world, including 9241 (2017) and EZLEKUA (2019), codirected with Luz Ruciello. In 2020 she directs NOIR (2020), a dance short film part of Clash! Creative Europe, a project that brings together choreographers and directors from all over Europe.
MIRIAM PORTÉ, Founder of Distinto Films, she has produced successes as 'The Odd-Job Men' (Official Selection at the Locarno Festival 2021 and winner of the Silver Spike at SEMINCI), ‘The Wild Ones’ (best film in Malaga Film Festival 2012 and three Goya nominee) or ‘Yo’ (awarded with the FIPRESCI Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival 2007). Her TV productions follow an editorial line drawn by stories of unknown women –such as Clara Campoamor, Concepción Arenal or Frederica Montseny– and with the aim to make them available to a big audience. She is founding member and honorary president of Dones Visuals.
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