• The documentary series "I Am What I Am" delves into the lives of notable Chinese figures across various domains, including the short track ice queen Yang Yang, the virtual idol Luo Tianyi, the actress Hao Lei, and Lo Tayou, the Godfather of Mandarin Popular Music. Through  authentic footage and in-depth interviews, the series brings the public figures closer to the general audience, unveiling captivating and impactful personal stories.
  • Shenzhen–Zhongshan Bridge is a hundred-year portal project at the Pearl River estuary. It’ll become a fast passage linking the two city groups on the east and west banks of the Pearl River estuary, and will boost the economic growth of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The documentary consists of four episodes, including Cross the Ocean, A Long Bridge Over the Sea, Dreams of Islands and Tunnels, and The Underwater Passage, featuring intelligent construction, the great pillars of the country, a-hundred-year projects, China speed, etc. Filmed and produced for two years, using the most amazing videos, from the closest and most professional perspective, the documentary tells a true story of how these marine constructors designed and built the cross-sea super passages with their pioneering ideas, dedication and expertise, showing how China’s super equipment and high technology play an important role in the country’s important strategy of building a powerful country with a great transportation system, and helping international audience better understand the spirit and capabilities of China.
  • Dig Deeper· Working at Sanxingdui, produced exclusively by Bilibili, is the first Chinese cultural documentary that records the daily work of archaeologists in Sanxingdui Ruins. This site is reputed as one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of mankind in the 20th century and one of the top 10 national archaeological finds in 2021. As precious cultural heritages of humankind, these remains have gained heated discussion, which embodies an increase in national cultural confidence among Chinese people. Against the background of Sanxingdui discoveries, this documentary includes excavation, protection, restoration, research of cultural relics, the interaction between Sanxingdui culture and contemporary society, and the enlightenment from that. The show records stories rarely known by the general public of archaeologists who stick to working on the fields all year round, protect invaluable artifacts from time erosion, and unveil the secret of history... Archaeology is way more than ancient civilization and ravishing treasures. It is also about the pursuit and aspirations deep in the heart of numerous unsung archaeologists.
  • Documentary "The secret of the heart" is the first systematic focus on the "heart" series of scientific documentary, the film a total of 6 episodes, each episode of 25 minutes, respectively "Pump of life", "heart blade", "Heart crown", "heartbeat secret", "Heart", "change a heart", each episode through 3-4 paragraphs, for a theme, In the story cases, experimental experience, historical retrospection, and animation display, the content covers the evolution and development of the heart, the history of cardiac surgery, the treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease, cardiac electrophysiology, the treatment and prevention of aortic disease, and heart transplantation, etc. Behind all the practical problems that people are concerned about, it shows the courage and wisdom of human beings to constantly explore the mysteries of the heart.
  • Eleven years after the phenomenal first series, Frozen Planet returns with a spellbinding journey through magical icy lands. From the makers of Blue Planet II. The north and south poles. The snow-draped forests and plains of the north. Remote mountain ranges. These are worlds of surprising variety and beauty – seemingly untouched by human presence. It’s this isolation that makes these places so special. Here, the planet’s most enigmatic animals reign supreme. Wolves hunt huge bison across vast snowy plains. Killer whales use cunning techniques to stalk their prey. And rarely seen Siberian tigers pad quietly through crisp white snow. Frozen Planet II captures these fairy tale animals and lands on the cusp of change.
  • The docuseries tells the story of Germany’s famous red-light district and the cat-and-mouse game between Special Unit 65 and its outstanding opponents. The series merges interviews, archival footage and fictional elements into a narrative arc that is both enthralling and intellectually inspiring.
  • A grandmother and her granddaughter cook migas (breadcrumbs) together. They get on very well.
  • It is summer in the mountainous Liangshan region. Fang, 15, who just graduated from middle school, talks about her dreams. But life never stops, it moves too fast – like a game of basketball. Or a swaying skirt. Her phone fell into water and now she tries to find a way to dry it. The clouds pass by above her and there are too many stairs to climb. Meanwhile, the adults seem to decide her future. And the rocket keeps being launched every month.
  • Taking Xiang Fuzhao's preparations for the 2022 UTMB (The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc) as the main storyline, it tells the story of a mountain village girl who, through cross country running, changes her destiny, lives up to herself, pursues self-reliance through cross-country running, and demonstrates the self-confidence of modern women.
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